Credits and Acknowledgements

About the Ring Creator...
I created the roaring in 1998 when I saw Australian roleplaying sites as a disjointed community.

Leefe Hicks.
Additional Acknowledgements...
I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contributions to and support of the ROARING.
Mr DeLaMotte
For encouraging me when I first proposed the ROARING. And for help in choosing a name for the ROARING.
Andrew Orman
For producing the ROARING logos and the title graphics.
[Tovanen's World]
General suggestions
For all those people (and expert systems) that have sent in suggestions to make the ROARING better.
ROARING members
And last but not least, thanks to all the members of the ROARING. Without members it wouldn't be a ring would it ?
Production Tools...
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Fireworks, Graphic Converter, Photoshop
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Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape 6+
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Power Macintosh